Offering Realtors photography, video and aerial services within Greater Victoria and surrounding communities


Visual Content Creation for Realtors

We don't pretend to be good at everything - Visual Content Creation for Realtors is what we're all about. Photography, Video and Aerial Footage with no other distractions, achieving professional results, and making you look good in the process.

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Online Real Estate Marketing

Cobalt Visual offers cinematic video tours, considered to be the most effective and engaging real estate marketing tool available today. We also create cinematic slideshow tours, a great alternative and cost effective marketing tool. We take and deliver professionally edited listing photos, including aerials

We create content exclusively for Realtors


Cinematic Video Tours

Effective, engaging & mobile friendly

Cinematic images evoke emotion, emotion drives sales. Combining cinematic shots, narration and music with aerial footage produces the ultimate online marketing package. Packages & Rates

We create cinematic lifestyle video and cinematic slideshow tours. Video tours showcases the home and lifestyle of the community and will speak volumes to your audience and potential buyers ~ a fantastic tool for client presentations.

Listing Photos

first impressions are everything

Listing photos starting at $135 for condos and residential homes. Packages & Rates

The need for professional photography in today's real estate market is imperative for success. Online listing photos are often viewed before contacting an agent and viewing a property. Impress buyers from the start! We create quality marketing images at affordable rates.

Aerial Services

See your world from a new perspective

Cobalt Visual delivers spectacular aerial images, starting at $95 as part of a package or $175 stand-alone. Packages & Rates

Cobalt Visual specializes in low altitude, high definition aerial imaging services, including video, photography, surveys and inspections for Vancouver Island and surrounding communities.

We offer a cost-effective alternative to manned aircraft, are fully insured and Transport Canada registered, and operate with safety foremost on our mind.

Mini Listing Sites

custom design with you in mind

Imagine having your listing photos, video, floor plan and interactive map all in one place. One link, showcasing your listing features and branding, easily accessible on all devices ~ anytime, anywhere.

Cobalt Visual is proud to offer beautifully and professionally designed mini listing sites, adding value to your online marketing campaigns.

 Starting at $95.

Packages & Rates